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Maningory Hotel

Ile aux Nattes | Madagascar

Small beachfront ecolodge located on the tiny island of Ile aux Nattes, in the eastern part of Madagascar. Gorgeous beaches, tropical palm trees, impressive turquoise water and absolute relaxation. There is no luxury, but there is a good structure and so much beauty.

Location: Maningory Hotel is located ten minutes from the airport by boat, on the car-free islet of Ile aux Nattes in the north-east of Madagascar. The rich coral reefs host a colorful marine life. Go out with a mask in the calm turquoise waters, and snorkel in complete safety. As the hotel is located on the western side, a magnificent sunset waits for you on the beach every evening. You will also have the chance to observe the passage of  humpback whales  from your terrace during the season. 

How to get here: You can take a short 50-min flight from Antananarivo to Sainte Marie (SMS) or, alternatively, you can take a long 7-hour bus ride to Tamatave and then continue to Mahambo for another 3 hours, where you can take a ferry the next morning. The ferry takes around 3,5 hours. Once landed, take a 10-min boat transfer to the hotel.

Structure: Maningy Hotel has spacious comfortable rosewood bungalows, well equipped and tastefully decorated. There is a large open air dining room facing the sea where a fresh seafood menu is served everyday. Here you can try lobsters, grilled, marinated or smoked fish, large prawns, curries, vegetable or crab fritters, coconut flans, exotic fruit crumbles and fresh seasonal fruit. The bar serves local rums and tropical fresh juices

Why staying here: It’s very peaceful here, with a castaway vibe. The bungalows are really simple and rustic. Take a boa ride to the paradise sand banks with birds (1 hour). The three tiny and long Îlots aux Sables – Nosy Rinditra, Nosy Andromba and Nosy Alanana – are located 4 km off the island of Sainte Marie, in a breathtaking turquoise lagoon, surrounded by a magnificent coral reef covered with white. Big waves are breaking over the reef outside the lagoon. You can swim on the sides, but between the sandbanks the current is strong. It is fady to go there on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is also fady to wear something red and to have your shoes on.

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