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Nosy Be Hotel

Nosy Be | Madagascar

Nosy Be Hotel & Spa is a small resort with quiet and peaceful access to the beach, located in the Nosy Be archipelago. A magical authentic place combining modern comfort with Malagasy elements.

Location: The charming Nosy be Hotel & Spa is located on Nosy Be island in the north of Madagascar. Located just in front of the islet of Nosy Tanga, this is one of the best places in Nosy be to see the sunset and chill after the excursions.

How to get here: Fly to Nosy Be (NOS) and take a 35 min transfer by road to the other side of the island, a place with a quiet beach.

Structure: The hotel is located in a quiet area, ideal for families and couples who are looking for a relaxing holiday. The hotel has 38 large comfortable rooms with balconies and air conditioning. The garden has many chameleons. There is a swimming pool, a spa and a restaurant. The bbq dinner is served on the beach, with the breeze. The spa uses local Malagasy products for relaxation.

Why staying here: If you are looking for a relaxing place with a comfortable infrastructure, this is a good choice in Nosy Be. One can do many excursions in Nosy Be, so most of the time you will be out and about. It is goo to come back to a place with a magnificent sunset at the end of the day. From June to September is the humpback whale season, while from September to November you can spot and snorkel with whale sharks. 

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The trip will take you to the fascinating north of Madagascar. Diversity, adventure and relaxation – this is a balanced itinerary suitable for all. Diego with its beautiful bays and the views of the Sugar Loaf, the orchids, lemurs and chameleons of the Amber National Park, the fragile Red Tsingy, the spectacular pinnacles of Ankarana and the magical Nosy Be – you will get to see them all. The trip will be balanced off on a good pace, since it takes time to drive between each place. You can do this trip starting from both Diego Suarez and Nosy Be. It is a good idea to switch the start and finish of the holiday if there are better flights to either of the two airports. Let us know about your preferences.

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