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Kendjam Lodge

Menkragnoti Indigenous Territory | Brazil

A luxury small jungle lodge in the Brazilian Amazon, located in a remote preserved area on the banks of river Iriri in the state of Para. Perfect to learn about the rainforest and the Kayapo warriors. Beautiful nature and plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife.

Location: Kedjam Lodge is a boutique jungle lodge located in the Kendjam area, one of the most amazing and virgin area within the Brazilian Amazon. It’s located within the Menkragnoti Indigenous Territory. This environment, largely untouched, has more than 800 kilometers of rivers. The Iriri River begins its journey into the jungle at the border between the states of Mato Grosso and Pará, and runs along the northeast of the Brazilian Amazon for more than 1,300 km. It is the main tributary of the mythical river basin Xingu, which makes up the largest basin with crystal clear water and emerald color from the Amazon.

How to get here: Fly to Manaus (MAO) and take a private charter flight to Kendjam Lodge which takes around 3,5 hours of flying. On arrival you will be taken to the lodge by boat (45 km away).

Structure: Kendjam Lodge offers comfortable 5 wooden cabins with spring box beds, private bathroom, hot water and electric light. The lodge is located on a wonderful sandy beach area in front of a gorgeous pool of Iriri river, 45 km downstream the Kendjam community. The maximum occupancy is for 10 people. Every day you will be delighted by wonderful cuisine in a well-fashioned living and dining room. Satellite Internet wireless connection and phone service is provided. There also a porch to enjoy the magnificent sunset at Iriri river. Solar panels provide full electric power every night and each cabin has 110-volt plugs. You may charge batteries and use an electric shaver in every cabin. Laundry service is provided. For the most adventurous anglers there is a possibility for a two-night camping out to reach the far and most wild areas of Iriri river.

Why staying here: Kendjam is a small village hidden right in the middle of the most preserved Kayapó territory, an area of more than 5 million hectares of intact Amazon Forest. Only 700 indigenous people live in this huge area, creating one of the most isolated portions of the largest Tropical Forest on planet Earth. The Kayapó are one of the most important indigenous ethnic groups of the Amazon, but there are only about 8,000 people living in the present time. Their cosmology, ritual life and social organization are extremely rich and complex.

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