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Uacari Lodge

Mamiraua | Brazil

An ecological floating lodge located deep into the Amazon forest. This is probably the best place to spot animals in the Brazilian Amazon. You will also have the chance to climb above the rainforest, to talk with scientists and to witness the unspoiled greatness of a remote environment

Location: Uacari Lodge is located withing the Mamirauá Reserve, a World Heritage of Nature placed in the state of Amazonas in Brazil. The reserve is part of one of the most protected areas of the tropical forest and is home to a rich ecosystem that includes species endemic to the region, such as the white uakari monkey. Also Mamirauá has one of the highest densities of jaguars in the world and there are small group wildlife expeditions into the forest.

How to get here: Fly to Manaus (MAO) and take a short 1-hour connecting flight to Tefe (TFF). There are also 12-hour and slow 48-hour boats to Tefe from Manaus.

Structure: Uakari Lodge is a rustic and comfortable hotel fully integrated with the landscape, that floats on the waters of the River Japurá. The majority of trips are by boat – in the wet season, the boat travels through the flooded forest at the height of the treetops. Get goosebumps at the sounds of nature during nocturnal boat rides, climb to the tops of giant trees, take boar tides along the mirror-calm rivers, learn about the forest during guided walks and meet the locals in the village. 

Why staying here: For immersion in a unique jungle environment, to speak with scientists, to stay in a floating hotel and to support environmental friendly tourism. The lodge is administered jointly by the Mamirauá Institute and the riverside communities. Here you have the chance to have breakfast side by side with scientists and discuss with them about the magnificent stories of the local flora and fauna.

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