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Xingu Lodge

Kayapo Indigenous Land | Brazil

A luxury small jungle lodge in the Brazilian Amazon, located in a remote preserved area on the banks of river Xingu in the state of Para. Perfect to learn about the rainforest and the Kayapo warriors. Beautiful nature and plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife.

Xingu Lodge is a remote jungle lodge located in the area of the mythological Xingu river area, inside the Kayapo Indigenous Land in the Brazilian Amazon, one of the most amazing and virgin areas in Brazil.

The Xingu basin offers the most prolific multi-species fishery in the Amazon and probably of all freshwater rivers on earth, and the most protected area flows more than 250 km through over 22 million acres of virgin primary Amazon forest protected by the Kayapo indigenous people.

The waters of the Xingu and the nearby Iriri rivers are impressively clear because they drain ancient Brazilian shield granite, in contrast to most large Amazon rivers which are laden with sediment.

The Xingu Lodge accommodations will be in comfortable rooms with with spring box beds, bathroom, hot water, electricity and satellite wifi internet. The camp is located on the bank of the Xingu river looking out over a gorgeous rapid and home pool. There are 4 double rooms with private bathroom with a paximum capacity for 8 people. Every evening you will be delighted by the private chef’s delicious gourmet cuisine in a dining room.

The area is accessible on a short flight from Manaus. We can organize charter flights for small groups of families and friends.


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