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Manati Lodge

Amazonas | Brazil

A small and charming rustic jungle hotel on the Rio Negro. If you want to experience Amazon away from mass tourism - this is a great place to be. Explore the river by wooden canoes, swim with the pink dolphins and visit a local tribe to learn more about their culture

Location: The small lodge is hidden on one of the countless twisting inlets to the Acajatuba lagoon along the Rio Negro river, about 70 km from Manaus. This area is close to Solimões River, through the Paraná and boreholes, having an exuberant nature and a great diversity of Amazon fauna and flora.

How to get here: To reach Manati Lodge it takes 1 hour by car, crossing the bridge over the Rio Negro (so no meeting of the waters here) and then along a tar road in a north-westerly direction, followed by a 30 min speedboat ride. 

Structure: Manati Lodge is a small comfortable retreat built on stilts. There are only a few beautiful rooms and 2 chalets. The chalets are located further away, immersed in the forest, quite intimate and comfortable in the middle of the Amazon jungle. They are equipped with air conditioning, ceiling fan, minibar, safe, hairdryer, hot shower, balcony with two hammocks and a view of the forest. The forest around the lodge is completely submerged for much of the year.

Why staying here: The owners have blend boutique elements into a colourful, homely atmosphere. This is a great place to have a true riverside Amazon experience with typical architecture from the region, built on stilts, because during the heavy rains the water level raises very high. The chalets are built at 6 meters high. Immerse into the green forest, learn about herbs and medicinal plants, about the rich local handicrafts, and the flattering simplicity of local people.

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