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Vila de Alter

Alter de Chao | Brazil

A boutique small lodge, located in Alter de Chao in Brazil. Great place offering relaxation and style in the middle of the Amazon. One of the best places to stay in the region.

Location: Vila de Alter is a small boutique hotel located in Alter de Chao in the state of Para, Brazil. The hotel is 15 min walk to the town center and the beach. Alter de Chao is a peaceful village on the banks of the Tapajós River, right in the heart of the Amazonian rainforest. 

How to get here: To get here, you need to fly to Santarem (STM) and then take a 30 min transfer to Alter de Chao.

Structure: Vila de Alter has six bungalows built with reforested wood, a hammock on the veranda and a unique touch in the decoration that mixes modern elements and the local touch. The lodge is surrounded by trees where you can see an abundance of birds and monkeys. The bungalows, named after the Amazonian flowers, have been constructed in a regional local style, but contain all the modern amenities. On the territory of the hotel there are several relaxation stations, beautifully designed to offer a great ambiance, even there is a space for yoga and meditation.

Why staying here: One of the best places to stay in Alter do Chão. The village is the perfect destination for unique experiences, relaxation and discovering another face of the Amazon forest, which is different than the one in Manaus area. The region can be visited at any time of the year, offering a lot of activities. The period of greatest humidity in the Amazon is from December to June, and from March to mid-May. That doesn’t mean it rains all the time and you will be able to enjoy mild temperatures between 25-30ºC and quieter vibes with fewer tourists. It is the time of the year when one can explore the forest on canoe and see more animals. In February, the river begins to fill and runs until the end of June, when the igapós, stretches of flooded land, form. This is a great opportunity to tour the Canal do Jari, a narrow branch of the Amazon River. Many of the streams and igapós are covered by giant water lilies. The beaches are more restricted to the banks of the river. The dry season, from July to January, is more famous for revealing the white sandbanks on the river bed. 

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