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Villa Bom Jardim

Paraty | Brazil

Luxury boutique beachfront house, located in the shades of lush Atlantic rainforest, in the Paraty Bay, Brazil. A fully equipped kitchen and staff are available. Great place for family holidays and intimate celebrations.

Location: Villa Bom Jardim is a waterfront house, located 15 min by boat from Paraty pier. Nearby there is a small beach with coconut trees, palm trees, a herbal organic garden and a private botanic garden with more than 5.000 jussara palm, lychee and passion fruit trees. From there you can take two trails: one right behind the main house, through the botanic garden in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, with the palm heart and fruit trees. The second trail leads to Tapera’s Fort, also inside the property, where three cannons from colonial times are pointed to the sea. This Fort was to protect against the invasion of Dutch and English pirates. From the top, there is a panoramic view to the Paraty bay, the Historic Center, the little Chapel and the Main Church.

How to get here: Fly to Rio de Janeiro (GIG) and take a 4 hour transfer to Paraty. From here a short boat ride will take you to the bay where the villa is located.

Structure: Villa Bom Jardim has a private 30.000 m2 garden, 7 suites and a loft with 3 rooms, with an incredible view overlooking the sea and the Atlantic Forest. The living room is connected to the kitchen and to an external gourmet area. The second kitchen is equipped with Viking products, to offer gastronomy lovers the best possible options. As part of the decoration in the gourmet area, there is also a classic 1920 Berkel, known as “the most beautiful slicer in the world”. There is a large terrace, a well-equipped fitness center and a modern pergola for a relaxed dining experience amid nature. 

Why staying here: An ideal space for family, groups and celebrations. It is the ideal retreat for those who seek the warmth of a beach house in a safe space, with exclusive services. 

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