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Hotel Entremer

Belo sur Mer | Madagascar

Rustic beachfront eco-hotel, located on the beach in the fishermen village of Belo sur Mer in the south-western part of Madagascar. This is a place of no mass tourism, with authentic experiences and a relaxed beach vibe

Location: Hotel Entremer is situated in the south-west of Madagascar, in Belo Sur Mer, a castaway fishermen village, 3 hours south of from Morondava airport. In the village of Belo sur Mer the time just stops, it’s soft and joyfull, and the passing visitors are welcomed as far off cousins. Have a wonderful time watching the dhows raising the sails and the small canoes going out with the dawn or the outrigger ones going back with the wind.  Snorkel with multicolored fish of the corral islands, watching the dolphins and whales on their way, marvel at the flamingos and the flying fox of Kirindy Mite, the amazing bay of Menaky and the dhows waiting to charge the salt of the salted field… Swimming, walking, kayaking, snorkeling, or just relaxing in a sun lounger with a good book – in other words a dreamy vacation can be experienced here.

How to get here: Fly to Morondava (MOQ) and take a 4×4 transfer to the port then a boat transfer to Belo Sur Mer. The boat depart according to the tide and an overnight stay in Morondava might be required.

Structure: Hotel Entremer has six spacious and comfortable wooden bungalows with a porch roof, a restaurant overlooking the sand beach, on 2 hectares of planted grounds at the seaside

Why staying here: it is a family-run hotel with a lot of warmth and great cusine. The hotel located between the sea and a lagoon on a sandbank peninsula, with a paradise vibe. It’s worth it to stay at least 5 days! It’s hard to believe how much food and variaty there is on the table, in a very isolated place, where there are no shops, fruits or vegetables to buy, and it’s in a very arid region with scarcity of water. It is an eco lodge, beautiful and very authentic in its simplicity, a true hidden gem. As a reward you get to see one of the most amazing places in this area of Madagascar.

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