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Brazil in December

Where in Brazil shall I spend Christmas? Is it a good month to visit the country?

December is the driest month in Rio de Janeiro, with temperatures between 22-29°C. The beach can be a great option at this time too. Head to Costa Verde, Paraty, Búzios and Ilha Grande.

December is great for Bahia, especially for the southern bahian beaches. It is the month when you can experience turtle nesting.

December is great to visit Pernambuco, Alagoas and Fernando de Noronha.

In December wildlife and weather can be unpredictable in the Amazon. It starts to rainfall much more, the dense Amazonian jungle is getting wetter. It gets very hot (32°C). The level of the water rises so you can navigate in canoes between tree branches, this is the best time to experience varzeas, which is not possible during the dry season when the water recedes.

In December wildlife and weather can be unpredictable in the Pantanal. It rains more and it’s hot. With the additional rainfall, wildlife spotting can be rarer. 

Iguazu Falls are at their peak and if you don’t mind getting wet and want to get into the falls it may be the right time for your visit. However, there is also a higher chance of the trails and activities being closed due to the rain.

It is better to avoid the canyons of Aparados da Serra due to rain and low visibility, but a good time to visit the beaches of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul as temperatures are already summer-like in December.

December is not a  good month to visit Lencois Maranhenses on the Route of Emotions. Jericoacoara can still be a good place to be though.

December gets rainy in the colonial towns of Minas Gerais. It might not be the best time to visit.

Best places to visit in Brazil in December

Wooden fishing boats on the beach in Florianopolis, Brazil
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Kayapos boy in the Brazilian Amazon
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Fernando de Noronha in Brazil
Fernando de Noronha
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wild orchid in Roraima region of Brazil
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Pico da Neblina
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