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Brazil in November



Is November a good time to visit Brazil? November brings high temperatures and rainfall in Rio de Janeiro, making it more humid. If you don’t mind the humidity, you can still explore all of Rio’s cultural and city sights, as well as the beaches. The beach can be a great option at this time too. Head to Costa Verde, Paraty, Búzios and Ilha Grande.

November is great for Bahia, especially for the beaches in the south of this state. It is the month when you can still see whales.

November is great to visit Pernambuco, Alagoas and Fernando de Noronha.

In November wildlife and weather can be unpredictable, but often still great in the Amazon. Rainfall increases, the dense Amazonian jungle is getting wetter, but you can still embark on the same activities as in October, as the water levels won’t have risen. It gets very hot (32°C). 

In November wildlife and weather can be unpredictable, but often still great also in the Pantanal. It rains more and it’s hot. With the additional rainfall, wildlife spotting can be rarer. The first two weeks of November are still good for jaguar spotting, horse-riding.

At the Iguazu Falls the weather is unpredictable in November. It all depends on luck, there might be a huge volume of water or a lesser flow.

It is better to avoid the canyons of Aparados da Serra due to rain and low visibility, but a good time to visit the beaches of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul as spring temperatures are rising in November.

November is not a  good month to visit Lencois Maranhenses on the Route of Emotions. Jericoacoara can have strong winds, great time for kitesurfing.

November gets wetter in the colonial towns of Minas Gerais. It might not be the best time to visit.

Best places to visit in Brazil in November

aerial view of Anavilhans Narional Park in Brazil
Wheelchair Accessible
girl swimming in the clear green water of Santa Barbara Waterfall in the national park of Chapada dos Veadeiros in Brazil
Chapada dos Veadeiros
girl standing on the top of Morro de Pai Inacio in Chapada Diamantina, a national park in Brazil
Chapada Diamantina
canoeing on the channels of the Amazon river in Brazil, approaching a jungle lodge nested among the rainforest
Amazon Rainforest
A view of Baia dos Todos os Santos in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil
Cycling in bahia
the blooming flamboyant tree and colorful rustic houses in the beach village of Trancoso in the south of Bahia, a great vacation destination in Brazil
Secret Bahia
the powerful waterfalls of Iguazu in Brazil
Classic Brazil
hand holding a fresh Brazilian cacao fruit
Surfing & Chocolate
school of fish in the clear waters of Sucuri river in Bonito, a eco-friendly travel destination in Brazil
Pantanal & Bonito
morning mist over the Alta Floresta Rainforest in the Brazilian Amazon region
Pantanal & Amazon
two rocks on the beach in Fernando de Noronha, a beautiful tropical destination off the coast of Brazil
Fernando de Noronha
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